Family and Children Beach Portraits

Beach Portrait Spring Lake Most of our beach portrait sessions are taken on the beach of Spring Lake. We also take a lot of our family portraits around the lake. From casual poses to candid type portrait we can capture families in a way that few photographers can. We like

Family Beach Portraits at the Jersey Shore

Family Beach Portraits at the Jersey Shore Family Beach Portraits at the Jersey Shore is what keeps us busy during the summer months.  In fact, it’s tough to accept any other type of photography assignments since we end up booking up most of the summer. Family beach portrait photography is

Family portraits across New Jersey

Family portraits across New Jersey We are looking forward to the spring portrait season and capturing family portraits across New Jersey. There are beautiful places all throughout New Jersey for family portraiture. Whether it’s your home, an arboretum, a park or even the beach; New Jersey has an abundance of beautiful backdrops

I don’t want posed portraits

I don’t want posed portraits Blog Post by Rob Wilson: NJ Family Portrait Photographer This is something that I have heard my whole professional career. People call and the first thing that they often say is that they don’t want posed pictures and they want candid type of portraits.  What I

Including your dog in your family portrait

Dogs aren’t our whole life, but they make our lives whole. ~ Roger Cara Including your dog in your family portrait is something that many families struggle with. We immediately say yes when were are asked if the dog should be included. A photographer, and there are many, that would

Portraits of Grandparents with their Grandchildren

This one is for the grandparents Our favorite type of portrait photography, hands down, are of extended families. The grandparents enthusiasm is what makes these portrait sessions the most fun. After-all, grandparents typically have everything thing they want at this stage of their life. The materialistic things no longer matter

Making the time for your family portrait

Have your Family Portrait Created by Wilson Photography We understand that you have a busy life. We want to convince you that you will never regret having us create a beautiful family portrait for you. Most families like the idea of having a family portrait taken. For most families it seems like it’s just not

There’s something about this portrait

Thank you for visiting our New Jersey professional portrait photographer blog.  Here’s is something that comes up regularly and we thought it would be a fun blog post. This is what we hear all the time! Even portrait photographers will be able to learn a thing or two. There’s something about

New Jersey Family Portrait Photographer

New Jersey Family Portrait Photographer Wilson Photography a New Jersey Family Portrait Photographer. We photograph families and children at the Jersey Shore, arboretums and parks all over New Jersey. Whether it’s the Cross Estates in Mendham, Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown, or any one of our sandy beaches we will

New Jersey Professional Photographer

New Jersey Professional Photographer Wilson Photography is the go-to service company when you are searching for a New Jersey professional photographer. Whether it’s for a corporate headshots, weddings, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events, gymnastic photos, cheer leading photos, and  dance photos. All of our photographers have over fifteen years