This one is for the grandparents

Our favorite type of portrait photography, hands down, are of extended families. The grandparents enthusiasm is what makes these portrait sessions the most fun. After-all, grandparents typically have everything thing they want at this stage of their life. The materialistic things no longer matter if they ever did at all. It’s more than ever all about their family. To go a step further it’s all about their grand-kids.  Sure they love their children but there is no love like the love a grandparent has for their grand-kids. We can see this at every single portrait session. 

Because of logistics this might be the last time everyone is together

This is why these sessions are often important.  Because of where everyone lives is often why grandparents make sure to have a portrait of their extended family taken. Often their children are scattered all over the country and often the world.  The chances that they are all going to be together again, at least in the near future is often slim.  Which makes having a family portrait with their children and grandchildren a priority. 

We appreciate it

We appreciate the fact that so many grandparents trust us with this responsibility.  There are a lot of portrait photographers to choose from and we understand this. One of the things that separates us from other New Jersey family portrait photographers is that we photograph a lot of large groups. This isn’t the case with most photographers. Since a large part our business are beach portraits, and extended families vacation together at the Jersey Shore, we had our fair share of experience with photographing extended families.  The only way a photographer gets good at photographing large groups is by photographing them often.  Thank you for taking the time to read our New Jersey Family Portrait Photography blog. 

New Jersey Family Portrait Photography

New Jersey Family Portrait Photography

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