New Jersey Family Portrait Photographer

Wilson Photography a New Jersey Family Portrait Photographer. We photograph families and children at the Jersey Shore, arboretums and parks all over New Jersey. Whether it’s the Cross Estates in Mendham, Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown, or any one of our sandy beaches we will capture a family heirloom in a way that only a photographer at Wilson Photography can. We understand that now a days there are a lot of choices when it comes to hiring a New Jersey family portrait photographer.  It seems like everyone these days is a professional photographer. We think this is great. More options are usually better for the consumer. We also know that it can be overwhelming.

Family portrait photographers have a wide price range.

This is probably the most confusing part to the consumer. How can one photographer charge so little and another that seems like a lot. Consumers aren’t sure what they should spend. We tell our potential clients that it simply depends how important it is to you.  Are you looking for a couple of pics for Facebook and Instagram?  Or are you looking to have a family heirloom created and hung on your wall? An heirloom that will be passed down from generation to generation. From there you will have a better understanding of how much a photographer should charge by the quality of their work. Value! 

Who picks the location for our New Jersey family portrait session?

It depends. We have a bunch of locations that are absolutely stunning. However, if you have a place in mind that is great too.  We love working in new places. Also, many of our clients like have it done in their yard and even their home. Because of this we can discuss your location on the telephone when we are planning your family portrait session. 


New Jersey Family Portrait Photographer

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