Dogs aren’t our whole life, but they make our lives whole. ~ Roger Cara

Including your dog in your family portraitIncluding your dog in your family portrait is something that many families struggle with. We immediately say yes when were are asked if the dog should be included. A photographer, and there are many, that would be against this obliviously doesn’t understand your family and they might not be a good match for you. There are times where your dog perhaps will make the family portrait session a little bit more challenging. However, in the long run it’s very much worth it. You will never say to yourself or anyone for that matter that, “I wish we never took our family portrait with our dog”. In fact, we never heard one of our clients say this, not even once!

There are time where it’s more difficult then it normally would be but that’s mostly at the………..

There are time where it’s more difficult then it normally would but that’s mostly at the beach.  The reason for this is because of the distractions. Examples of this would be the seagulls flying through the air, people getting their workout in with a run on the beach, and the list goes on. Let us not forget to mention those kite flyers and lovely Frisbee throwers. It’s always funny when it’s a windy day. The dogs act like they have their head out the window of a moving car.  

Your pup will see all these new and exciting things. As a result they often won’t really care how much whistling and jumping up and down that we do to get their attention. However, we can honestly say it always works out. You’ll be happy that you included your fuzzy little (or big) fur-ball into your family portrait. We certainly suggest that you consider including your dog in your family portrait.

After all

If we can get five dogs all looking into the camera at once then we certainty can handle your dog along with your family.

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