Have your Family Portrait Created by Wilson Photography

We understand that you have a busy life. We want to convince you that you will never regret having us create a beautiful family portrait for you.

Most families like the idea of having a family portrait taken. For most families it seems like it’s just not the time.  Maybe when little Lizzy turns two or when Ricky gets his braces off. Or when soccer season is over, because little five year old Johnny can’t miss that soccer game!  What about…..wait for it….not until I lose twenty pounds! There will always be reasons why it seems like it’s not a good time to have your family portrait taken. The most common reason is that our clients are too busy. They have a hard time making the time.

New Jersey Family Portrait Photography

Because having your family portrait taken might mean one of your kids will miss a soccer or baseball game.  We hope to convince you that it’s worth making the time and that thirty years from know little Johnny will be much more happier with having a portrait of his family then playing in that soccer game when he was six years old. 

Make the time….it’s worth it.      

It certainty will be worth it. We haven’t yet heard from any of our clients that they wished they never had us photograph their children or family. That’s a pretty amazing if you think about it. If we went to any of our clients and told them that we would buy the portrait that is hanging on their wall back from them,  for double the cost that they paid we bet they would say NO WAY!  Jokingly we asked clients this over the years. The answer is always, with laughter,  NEVER! What are some other purchases that five, ten, or twenty years later has rose in value to you rather than depreciating?  I bet not many. However, I bet all those portraits on your furniture and hanging on your walls has more value to you now then they ever did. That’s the beauty in what we do.

The Cross Estates in Mendham / Bernardsville is a beautiful place for family portraits

We don’t take pictures we create family heirlooms

Please don’t think we are getting carried away here.  However, this is exactly what our goal is during each and every portrait session. Whether it’s a multi-generational portrait with the grandparents, or your immediate family, we want to create something special for you. So beautiful that it’ll be past down from generation to generation.  Our goal that is that you are proud of the portrait that we created hanging on your wall as much as you are proud of your family. This is why you need to make the time. Let us photograph your family and it will be something you will never regret. 

Family Portrait

This wonderful family had their family portrait taken on Long Beach Island.