Beach Portrait Spring Lake

Beach Portrait Spring Lake 

Beach Portrait Spring Lake

Most of our beach portrait sessions are taken on the beach of Spring Lake. We also take a lot of our family portraits around the lake. From casual poses to candid type portrait we can capture families in a way that few photographers can. We like to have more of an organic approach to our beach portrait session. Our concern isn’t that everything thing is perfect as far as hand placement but to capture photographs that will make you smile every time you look at it.

This doesn’t mean that we aren’t mindful but there are times when it’s more important to go with the flow with the portrait session to capture images that will make our clients happy.  Spring Lake is a unique beach town. The reason for this is that the yards aren’t like the yards in other beach towns. The homes have grass and nice landscaping which also makes for great family portraiture. A lot of families like to have their portraits taken at the lake during the spring and fall seasons. The beach isn’t always the best place. On a windy day families decide to have the portrait session taken in their yard or at the lake since the wind isn’t as intense. 

Extended Family Beach Portrait Sessions

Spring Lake Photographer

Spring Lake Beach Photographer

A lot of our families in Spring Lake gather together often every weekend or one week every year. This makes it a perfect time to get everyone in one portrait. Most of our portraits are of three generations. Within in this session we do all the different breakdowns. The whole group, each individual family, grandkids alone, grandkids and the grandparents, each couple, each child alone, grandparents alone, the original family and so on! All of this can be done, believe it or not, in 40 minutes. 

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